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It can feel impossible to turn your life around. Substance addiction is a complicated dilemma, but you don’t have to defeat it all by yourself. Trea...

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When it involves drug and alcohol abuse, it might seem unimaginable to turn it all around. Drug and alcohol abuse is a complex issue, however, you don...

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Drug abuse makes you feel as though your life is over, however, the only thing you need to do is reach out. If you are affected by drug abuse, you do ...

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When it comes to conquering alcoholism, willpower just isn’t enough. Our drug addiction specialists are highly qualified experts who are dedicated to helping you, or a family member, get clean. Critical medical discoveries have been made in the last ten years, particularly in how to treat addiction. In order to provide the most effective rehab program, Alcoholic Treatment Addiction uses individualized treatment plans that are custom designed to meet the specific needs of every one of their clients. We have helped people in the Sunnyvale, CA area overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol for over a decade.

Alcohol abuse can lead to health problems, including both physical illnesses and psychological disorders. We are here to help men and women, regardless of their age and addiction history, who want to free themselves their dependency on drugs or alcohol. Our treatment center helps patients address all facets of their alcohol addiction. Recovery Rehab believes rehabilitation is achievable for patients in all stages of addiction, whether they are just beginning to show signs of addiction or are long term abusers. Rehab programs are designed to help alcohol abusers understand and recognize what triggers their addiction. At Programs Addiction, experts are available 24/7 to provide the optimum care and supervision. The staff of highly trained professionals addresses every aspect of recovery including evaluation, counselling, medical care, lifestyle training, relapse prevention training, support meetings, treatment of psychological disorders, emotional issues, family issues, and follow-up care. Call (408) 549-9046 and talk to a recovery specialist at Recovery Place Drug Rehab.

You can stop the struggle and agony of addiction. Call for a personal evaluation, and to find a rehab program close to you!

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