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During the first 90 days In 1 to 3 months of recovery or the first 90 days, relapse will most likely occur. You need prevent this with: Continue Therapy It is good to continue attending therapy sessions in addiction rehab programs center. The better would be having an aftercare or continuing support as part of […]

Methods to Stop Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time. Whether you want to merely cut back on your drinking or stop drinking alcohol together, you can know to plan a series of goals for yourself, put an accountability system in place, and give yourself the best for sobriety.

Common Street Names of Drugs

In United States, every sidewalk has somebody selling different drugs: drug dealers have many drug combinations. There are so many substances being peddled illegally on the streets, users and dealers must develop better relationship for better service. Using code words in the form of street names to refer to specific kinds of drugs will normally […]

From corner to corner of the United States, synthetic marijuana has been usually thought as a cheap version of natural cannabis. It is about to be unmasked for what really is – a chemical spray of unknown strength, often accompanied by several side effects. In 2012, DAWN reported from the U.S. that toxicity due to […]

successful recovery

People change throughout their lives, especially for those who have undergone many years of recovery. You can see these changes in their demeanor and see that recovery has a great impact on everyone around the recovering addict. The recovery process requires support from loved ones and hard work from the person who absolutely wants it. […]