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Monikers of The Most Abused Drugs That You’re Dying to Know

Posted: February 16, 2015 by in Recovery Place Drug Rehab

Common Street Names of Drugs

In United States, every sidewalk has somebody selling different drugs: drug dealers have many drug combinations. There are so many substances being peddled illegally on the streets, users and dealers must develop better relationship for better service. Using code words in the form of street names to refer to specific kinds of drugs will normally reduce the waiting and buying time. This adds increased security and high conversions for the dealer. Some drug rehab centers in California say that typically the nicknames were based off of their original name or the main effects of the drug.


This drug can be smoked or used in cooking. It is classified as a DEA schedule I substance. Street names of marijuana include: smoke, Mary Jane, green, bud, reefer, skunk, ganja, herb, grass, weed, dope, pot, blunt, trees.


This drug is processed from morphine which was made from opium. This drug can be smoked, injected, or snorted. The substance is high addictive and has CNS depressant properties. Street name for heroin include skag, china white, white horse, smack, dope, sugar, H, and brown.


This drug is made from the coca plant and processed into a powder. This drug can be injected intravenously, snorted nasally, or smoked from crack rocks. Street names of cocaine include crack, blow, toot, snow, white candy, C, flake, cock, and bump.


This synthetic drug can be smoked, crushed into a powder and snorted. Addicts have swallowed, and injected glass or ice forms of the drug. The street name for this drug include bennies, crosses, uppers, LA turnarounds, black beauty, hearts and truck drivers.


This drug is a synthetically made CNS stimulant. This drug can be binge smoked for days. Other preparation methods include injecting, inhaling, or snorting the crystals. Street names of methamphetamine include fire, meth, fire, crystal, ice, glass, chalk, speed, and go fast.


This drug is commonly used by veterinarians as an anesthetic. Psychedelic mind-explorers use this drug to experience K holes. Some user abused it by injecting pharmaceutical grade Vitamin K. At parties people tend to smoke and snort it. Street names for this drug include K, cat Valium, special K, and Vitamin K.


This drug is also known as Phencyclidine. It is a power, unpredictable hallucinogen. This psychedelic drug can be injected intravenously, smoked using marijuana, or swallowed orally. Street name of PHP include angel dust, peace pill, boat, hog, and love boat.


This is a club drug. This CNS depressant is commonly referred to as Rophynol. Users usually swallow or snort this drug to relax or sleep. Street names of this drug include roofies, date rape drug, rope, R2,  Mexican Valium, forget-me pill, and rophies.


This drug is also known as a psychedelic club drug. The abbreviation stands for methylene-dioxy-methamphetamine. Users of this drug swallow or snort it to have hallucinations. Its effects include positive feelings towards electronic music and others. Street name of this drug include uppers, Molly, Adam, Eve, lover’s speed, ecstasy, and peace.


This drug is a club drug, which stands for gamma-hydroxybutyrate. This drug is swallowed by its users to reduce stress and increase quality sleep. Street names of this drug include soap, Georgia home body, liquid ecstasy, G, grievous-bodily-harm, liquid X, and goop.


This drug is a synthetic hallucinogen, which stands for Lysergic acid diethylamide. It was first developed by a Swiss chemist. Users swallow acid strips or let them dissolve in their mouth. Street names of this drug include blue heaven, blotter, acid, microdot yellow sunshine, and cubes.

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