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Successful Recovery means learning how to give up

Posted: January 10, 2015 by in Recovery Place Drug Rehab

successful recovery

People change throughout their lives, especially for those who have undergone many years of recovery. You can see these changes in their demeanor and see that recovery has a great impact on everyone around the recovering addict. The recovery process requires support from loved ones and hard work from the person who absolutely wants it. Hard work means dedication and tenacity to stick to the plan. Having faith in one’s self and not easily giving up even when bombarded by challenges. Changes are not easily obtained. Furthermore, there are some who are reluctant to embrace positive changes. In terms of addiction, if you are unwilling to learn how to cope with drastic changes, you will not be able to achieve your complete recovery.

Through the comprehensive recovery process, there are things that you might need to throw away because a successful recovery means learning how to give up certain unhealthy habits. If you intend to practice holistic healing and diminish your addiction, give up the following:


You can never move forward if you can’t get past your fears. Although being scared of the unknown is common, it is still important to identify specifically what you are really afraid of. Using this strategy, you will be able to make necessary actions on how to directly face your fears and eventually conquer them.


Whether we like it or not, change will always happen. Change is constant and it’s the only thing that is permanent in this world. We will be willing to allow things to improve and change. When we learn to adapt to various situations, we can successfully beat addiction.


You will always miss out on the chance to recover if you always beat yourself up for the mistakes of the past. These skeletons in your closet will only put you at greater risk for relapse. Always keep in mind that you are at a new stage of your life now and will do things differently to become free from drugs and alcohol.


Excuses impede progress and don’t help you in any way. You will develop and gain deeper insights if you learn to accept responsibility for your past actions. Regardless if the mistakes had something to do with your substance abuse or not, own your mistakes.


It’s understandable to get angry over people, who have hurt you in the past, but anger is destructive. It will only lead you towards the darker side of life. So learn how to forgive others so that you relinquish your angry feelings towards other people.

Learning to give up the aforementioned things will surely put things in a different perspective and your recovery from drug addiction will become attainable.

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